Greening WW II Veterans' Housing


Norma V. Williamson

La Mirada High School

John Alvarez

La Mirada High School

Ruhan Kainth

La Mirada High School

Saturday, March 5, 2011 - 9:30am - 10:45am
Session Type: 
CPA Session
Presentation Category: 
Standards-Based Curriculum
Learn about an 11th grade, standards-based, Projects-based Learning (PBL) Unit that incorporates US history, language arts, foreign language, and a CTE green construction project. During this 3 week PBL unit, students investigate questions like: How did World War II veterans affect the US housing industry? Why are post World War II homes not energy efficient? What is CALGreen? What are net zero energy homes? Do these buildings truly conserve environmental and financial resources, or are they just hype? What alternative vehicle technology saves petroleum and why was this important "then" and still important "now"? What type of green jobs will make WW II era housing more energy efficient? A “Green Energy Jobs Search” activity will also be shared with attendees.

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