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Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 2:30pm - 5:00pm
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CPA Session
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Partnership Academy Model
Join facilitated conversations with the following educators and partners as they share their strategies, best practices and resources. Each round will last 25 minutes, with the opportunity for six rotations during this session. (1) Somatic Crew -- Academy seniors participate in Somatic Crew, a program that offers leadership and mentoring opportunities. Somatic Crew is responsible for organizing and leading academy community building activities, events and field trips. At the end of the year, students are rewarded for their participation with a plaque. Sandra Navarro, Academy Coordinator and Students, Tennyson High School, Community MultiMedia Academy, Hayward, CA (2) Youth Created, Teacher Facilitated Media -- Incorporate youth created media in your interdisciplinary projects. Learn first-hand from both teacher and students the process and view examples of their innovative and relevant work. Step away with actual lessons that can be incorporated in your class tomorrow! Judy Okolie, MultiMedia Teacher and Students, Tennyson High School, Community MultiMedia Academy, Hayward, CA (3) Secondary, Postsecondary Connections -- Join the California Partnership Academy coordinator and the Community College Career Technical Education representative in sharing their roles and the steps of articulation. Erika Zuvia, Academy Coordinator, Ramona High School, Health and Bioscience Academy; Julie Pehkonen, Director Career and Technical Education Projects, Riverside Community College District (4) Building and Strengthening a Sustainable Medical Academy and HOSA Chapter -- Palmdale High School Health Careers Academy is a 4 year comprehensive program with 20 teachers and over 450 students. Over the past 18 years, the Academy has seen many successes but also challenges. Discussion will evolve around starting and maintaining a health science program in a high school setting that incorporates work based learning and HOSA. Tim Klein and Angela Hefter, Co-Coordinators and teachers, Palmdale High School, Health Academy, Palmdale, CA (5) Photoshop Articulation -- Find out how to get dual enrollment credit for Photoshop class. James Herrmann, Photoshop teacher, Sharon Peoples, Perkins coordinator, Vania G. Yalamova, LACC articulation coordinator, Carmen Juarez, lead teacher, Dalton Cole, Assistant Principal Belmont High School and Multimedia Academy, Los Angeles, CA (6) Career Day Roundtable -- Career Day provides students an opportunity to explore career requirements by meeting current employers from many different occupations. Our career day differs from a traditional Career Fair by offering information to students through small group discussions each lasting approximately 30 minutes. Brian Montes, Science/Music Tech Teacher, Carmen Juarez, Lead Teacher, Dalton Cole, Assistant Principal, Belmont High School, Multimedia Academy, Los Angeles, CA (7) Senior Projects -- Senior projects are assigned alternately fall or spring semester of the student’s senior year. These projects involve three Academy teachers (English, Social Science and CTE) and focus on actual ongoing transportation and planning projects within the communities surrounding the school. Students are introduced to the project through an RFP (Request For Proposal) and then led through the planning process breaking into teams, brainstorming their ideas, meeting with community groups, visiting the site and more. Participants have included city planners, community groups, parents, architects, and representatives from transportation agencies. Students documented their work through power point, displays, and presentations. Our goal is to have the students work through a response to the RFP to be presented to our community partners. Richard McCarthy, Academy Coordinator, Franklin High School, Transportation Careers Academy, Los Angeles, CA (8) International Agribusiness Trade Show -- Everett High School in Salinas holds an annual trade show focusing on the International and Local Agribusiness industry. Every student in the academy is involved in the show. It capstones the learning and experiences in a year end event. Janice Souza, Academy Coordinator, Charles Trementozzi, Instructor, Academy students, Everett Alvarez High School, Agri-business Academy, Salinas, CA (9) Getting, Keeping, Celebrating and Sending Them on Their Way -- The Sports Professions and Recreation Careers Academy (SPARC Academy) at Monterey High School is proud to present some of our academy “best practices”. We will review our recruit efforts for new students, elaborate on our Mock Interview Program, share our College Liaison Program, and celebrate our Senior Capstone Festival. Susan Nichols Walkup, Academy Director; Gary Childs, Academy Teacher; Rosanna McCormick, Academy Teacher; Carrie Parker, Academy Teacher; Dezi Pettas, Academy Teacher, Monterey High School, Sports Professions and Recreation Careers Academy (SPARC Academy), Monterey, CA (10) Why Project Based Learning (PBL) is So Essential to Academy Success -- The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) at Hoover High School has developed a comprehensive academy program over the past 8 years to provide a quality educational experience to over 300 students annually. As a result of our best practices our graduation rates, as well as our first time CAHSEE pass rates, exceed those of the overall school population, and the percentage of AOIT graduates attending 4 year universities and city colleges exceeds that of the general Hoover population. The most important elements to our success have been the ways in which we open the classroom experience to the community at large and bring relevancy to our curriculum. Join our Academy staff to discuss the PBL cross-curricular projects that engage AOIT students with the San Diego community through thematic team projects. Angie Kania, Academy Director; Vicky Banks, Academy History Teacher; Joe Paulson, Web Design Teacher, Lorena Gastelum, Academy English Teacher, Hoover High School, Academy of Information Technology, San Diego, CA (11) A Web Warehouse of Information & Resources for Academies -- Learn about the Career Academy Support Network (CASN) website, a joint project with the CA Dept of Education. The website hosts an academy directory, a searchable curriculum database, an online forum for CPA teachers, FREE guides on topics such as building an Advisory Board and much, much more. A resource worth knowing about. Erin Fender, Project Manager, Career Academy Support Network (CASN), University of California, Berkeley (12) Sustaining Business Partnerships -- Business and community partnerships can be difficult to sustain as personnel changes at both companies and school sites. Join a conversation about the critical roles that business and community partners play for academy students and share strategies of how to keep busy people committed to the success of your academy. Charlie Dayton, Director, Career Academy Support Network (CASN), University of California, Berkeley

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