Green Energy Curriculum and Resources


David Esmaili

West Valley College

Peter Davis

College of the Desert

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Session Type: 
CPA Session
Presentation Category: 
Curriculum Integration
Come hear an overview of how to access the green course curriculum developed, how to best use the online train-the-trainer modules, and how to access all the teacher support resources (movies & power points) for the green academies. Coursework, train-the-trainers, and supplemental resources are in the areas of: 1) an Introduction to Energy; 2) Alternative Fuels: a) CNG / LNG, b) Biofuels, c) Electric/Hybrid, d) Propane, e) Hydrogen; 3) Green Building: a) Materials and Resources, b) Building Techniques, c) Energy and Resources, d) Water Efficiency, e) LEED; 4) Energy Auditor, a) Building Components, b) Audit Techniques, c) Analysis & ROI, d) Title 24.

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